Ready to stand out?

Branding is the core message of your company. It defines who you are. A good brand should support your principles, and be something that you can breathe and live by. A good brand makes you stand out among your competitors. Does your branding show how you want to be seen?


Strategic design & top-tier visual solutions

With over 10 years’ experience putting businesses in the spotlight, we offer strategic design and top-tier visual solutions. Your customers will be impressed and attracted with goal-meeting websites, logos, business cards, trade show exhibits and beyond.


We've got you covered . . .

At Slick and Slicker, we take your success seriously. You can expect the highest standards, impactful design, flexibility and attention to detail. A woman-owned design firm, we thrive on providing stellar customer service and great value. That, in our opinion, is what leads to an ongoing partnership.