Brands, Perceptions and Science

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Why do brands matter? Why do individual’s perceptions of brands matter? Why would Cheetos hire neuromarketers to run experiments to see how people’s brains responded to their products? Did you catch that new profession? It’s a new industry, called neuromarketing! There have been many studies that demonstrate the strong impact brand perception has on buyers.  […]

Animated GIFs

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Animated GIFs has been around since the 1980’s and they are making a comeback! These animated GIFs can be used in a lot of ways and they can be featured on blogs and social networks. More tools have been created focusing on the ease, creativity and fun factor! Google software developer, Matt Steiner, announced the update […]

Infographic Affects on the Brain

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Believe it or not, 80% of our brains are focused on processing visual knowledge. In one study, those who looked at text only information retained 10%. Those who saw images with pictures retained 65% of the information. As designers, we refer to this as infographics. It’s one of the best ways we know to communicate. […]