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When making up a website for clients the conversation often comes around to contact forms and who to send email blasts to. Pretty straightforward if someone has signed up for mailings through your website, they are giving you permission to send them stuff. But what about other contacts that you might collect? If you exchange cards with someone is it ok to plonk that email into your database? After all they gave it to you….er, not so fast. Think about your own email box. What a pain it is some days (everyday?) to open your mailbox and find a ton of that, well, it has to be said…JUNK mail. Junk because you don’t want it (at least not now) and more importantly maybe…you didn’t ask for it to be sent. Yes, it’s great to have a bunch of names that you can regularly blast with all your news and information but did you let them know you were going to be sending them an email everyday when they gave you their card? Did they give you their permission? Well, I hear you say, everyone does it, that’s how we build our lists, to clients and potential prospects alike. Maybe that’s true but isn’t it better to have a list of people that you know are going to read and be interested in what you send rather than annoyed and irritated? Also, you may be doing yourself more harm than good if you do send unwanted emails. If that recipient decides to put your beautifully crafted email in the junk mail folder that is where all of your future mailing could be sent…automatically by the mail server…not something you really want to happen.

Permission is important when it comes to using emails. For your clients, when the time comes to giving their business to someone they are more likely to chose the the company that respected their choices for mailings, rather than the company that kept clogging up their mailbox with unwanted information.

To read more on the importance of permission click here.

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