Chasing the Clouds Away – CD Design

CD design front and inside

Gerry Bryant: “This album is dedicated to everyone coping with their own personal “darkness visible”, the music in this CD helps chase away those demon clouds that make life such a challenge.”

Chasing the Clouds Away was a 2016 award winning CD packaging designed by Slick+Slicker Designs. Collaborated with illustrator Valerie Hennessy. It is a piece of illustration showing a pianist playing on a (piano) cloud. For this reason, the music brings sunshine to the heart of listeners. As shown on the inside of the CD cover. The colors used are calming blue colors to brighter blue on the inside. The main letter “Clouds” has an elegant form, with slight rugged on the edges. Just like the clouds. To emphasize, we added a wavy treatment to the text. Resembling moving air/wind.

Chasing the Clouds Away is now available on SpotifyApple, and  Amazon.

CD design front and back