Cubidz – Toy Packaging Design

Cubidz is an educational toy for all ages. There are an infinite number of designs that can be made by manipulating the colorfully painted cubes – creating an abstract pattern with interesting and unique look. The logo and branding are inspired by the colorful and symmetrical design of the cubes. As shown on the package design, business card and website design.

This design won 2017 Graphic Design USA Magazine, American Package Design Award.

Cubidz Toy Design (Back)

“Cube Designs, LLC (Cubidz) is proud to be connected with Slick+Slicker as its graphic and web designer. Their creative team is in the top echelon of creative design work. Whenever we show our product to potential customers, their first remark is their enthusiasm about the beautiful packaging design. Their packaging design work plays a crucial role in stimulating the interest of potential customers.

But the merits of this company doesn’t just end with their brilliant design work, but with their constant follow up of encouragement and ideas for marketing. Their philosophy is to take our company to greater heights through their marketing recommendations and willingness to help through all kinds of problems our company encounters. We, at Cube Designs, feel very lucky to have found and chosen Slick+Slicker Designs for our design work and to be connected with their outstanding professionalism, They have always delivered when they promise and have organized their terms with great clarity and validation. Much appreciated. We feel that their company is a crucial partner towards our journey of success. With their help, we believe we have an excellent chance towards becoming a household name for the creative art world, evolving from our product. We at Cube Designs wish Slick+Slicker Designs future success in their endeavors and look forward to our continuing relationship”.
Stanley Shapiro, CEO, Cube Designs, LLC