Parent Talk – Website Design

Parent Talk’s is a education and parenting coach service. It is a place for parents to learn positive and effective parenting. The website allows people to sign up for Parent Talk’s online webinars and workshops. Parents can also access the blog, to find useful information and parenting tips. They are also able to interact by using the comment section. We also set up a PayPal checkout for books purchase, webinar and workshop signup.

Our main goal is to create a branding that positions Parent Talk as the parenting professional and expert. User friendly and interactive. The website also features easy blog updates from the front end, and easy event updates on the back end. Visit the website.

Website banner
Website banner design to promote new book release.

“I’ve been very impressed with how Slick and Slicker Design has consistently delivered high quality design work in a speedy, professional manner. Ever since they redesigned my website, I’ve received loads of compliments on how easy it is to navigate, and how great it looks. Furthermore, I love knowing I can turn to them anytime for suggestions on how to handle a variety of needs including marketing and social media.”
Karen Skinulis, Director,
 Ontario Parenting Education Centre