Besotted – CD Package Design

“Besotted” is . . .
A word that describes being hopelessly infatuated, smitten or enraptured. This primarily solo piano album of romantic classical music, reimagined love songs and emotional original compositions, presents different takes on that state of being when one is totally besotted. – Gerry Bryant

besotted cd packaging designLike the feelings described above in this musician’s original vision, the music bars on Besotted’s CD cover are vibrant and ever-blossoming. Underneath them lies a black canvas, a color that shrouds feelings that lie within each individual’s heart.

Carrying the same style from the cover, the musical bars on the CD design are now more organic and alive. The overflowing emotions that were previously hidden from the viewers have now been revealed for them to dive into and explore. The primary hue in the CD’s design is red, the color most closely associated with the heart. It also symbolizes the powerful emotions of passion, love, and determination, embodying the theme of what it means to be ‘besotted.’