About us

What can we create together?

We are Slick+Slicker Designs: Mallory and Ernie, a local certified women owned graphic design studio, with over 19 years of experience. We have an extensive background in designing for online and print. We have served domestic and international clients, working on ranges of projects from logo and branding, print materials to website and social media customization.

Client collaboration is the backbone of our success.

When you have a message or a goal in mind, we take the time to fully understand it. We work with our clients—as partners—to share ideas and develop solutions.

With our artistic expertise, we design your marketing project to reflect your vision and speak directly to your audience.

Partnership Makes Everything Stronger

We believe partnership is the key to success when collaborating with our clients—and in our own business. Two heads are more productive, creative, collaborative, and effective than one. At Slick + Slicker, our partnership enables us to be better, and do better for our clients.

Mallory Greener

I always looked for a creative outlet for my artistic passions. My previous career was in photography and hand tinting black & white prints. I created a line of greeting cards, which were distributed worldwide. That was another life. That was before the explosion of creative software, which I just had to find out about. That led me to the Fashion Industry of Design and Merchandising, (FIDM) and getting a degree in Graphic Design. Since then, it’s been a nonstop learning process, it’s been very stimulating . . . and it’s been a lot of fun.

These days, I spend my time talking with people who are interested in working with us. I try and assess their needs and see if we are a good fit. I also make sure all the communication is running smoothly, and everyone is happy.

Ernie Vuong

It gives me such pleasure to help a client to present their company/themselves in a professional way. To be successful. Simply put, what looks good on our client looks good on us. We take good care of our clients.

As the partner and creative designer of Slick+Slicker Designs, I have been involved in creating distinctive images for a wide variety of clients ranging in size from sole proprietors to large corporations. Whether it’s solving communication problems, increasing visibility, or enhancing an overall brand—we go the extra mile for our clients, because their success is our success.

I hold a BA in photography and graphic design from the Fashion Institute of Design of Merchandising, which is where I met Mallory. That’s where Slick and Slicker began!