Poster and gift card holder for Casey Cares program called Hammy's Heart

Project Synopsis:
This project was created for Casey Cares Foundation, an organization who works to enhance the lives of critically ill children. Casey Cares branding and styling guidelines was used throughout the project. The emotion of the design was to be full of life and love. The challenge was to work with a very tightly cropped photo, using the original logo idea that was provided. We came up with the solution of incorporating Hammy’s face and logo as part of Casey Cares logo. This result was achieved, and the effect was heart warming.

The gift cardholder carries the same look as the poster. The purpose was that it could be mailed to families that needed assistance with their grocery bills. While families with a critically ill child are overwhelmed with so many other financial obligations, Hammy’s Heart helps with the basic need of feeding a family.

”We were so happy with the design that Slick+Slicker created for us. We are a small non-profit and we were in need of a few pieces for a new program that we are forming to provide groceries for critically ill children called Hammy’s Heart. This program was created in memory of a child that had recently passed away after a long battle with a brain tumor. Ernie was wonderful to work with.

Very understanding of the delicate situation, understanding that we wanted to incorporate the ideas of Hammy’s mom, and created such a perfect design for us. They were quick with ideas and edits and very easy to work with. We will definitely recommend Slick+Slicker and I am sure will use their services again.”.
– Erin Ritter, Casey Cares Foundation, Deputy Associate Director