• the planetary society ad girl in rocket ship
  • the planetary society concept ad boy working in lab
  • the planetary society concept ad girl building robot
  • the planetary society concept ad boy reading under blanket

These ads communicate the basic principles of The Planetary Society’s existence: to educate, learn, and discover.

We took our inspiration for these mock ads from Dr. Seuss’ world. We know child’s play is simple, but their imagination is as big and as real as the real thing. That concept is employed here through the playing and the chalk-drawing theme. We’re showing worlds that are so vast or microscopically small through a child’s eye.

We all have a memory of once having a dream when we were young. When a child has a dream, it is very determined, and it is usually BIG! These concepts remind us how it used to feel like. As a human race, we shall continue on with this sense of curiosity and wonder. Continue on nurturing the sense of curiosity, and planting seeds of wonder.